Super All-Wheel-Control



The secret to taking command in the wintertime is a Mitsubishi equipped with Super All-Wheel-Control (S-AWC).

What is S-AWC?

There are three main features that make up the S-AWC system: Active Center Differential (ACD), Active Yaw Control (AYC), and Active Stability Control (ASC). The ACD regulates the front- and rear-wheel torque split actively through an electronic hydraulic multi-plate clutch, producing the best balance between traction and steering response. The AYC acts like a limited slip differential at the rear axle, assisting in controlling how the vehicle corners and brakes in real time. Finally, the ASC stabilizes vehicle behavior while maintaining optimal traction by regulating engine power and overall braking force.

On the center console is a button for a selected drive mode that works with the S-AWC. The S-AWC AUTO mode simply makes sure that the system works to ensure the best possible traction in almost every condition. On some models, this is called NORMAL mode. There is an S-AWC ECO setting on some models that allows the same activity while delivering the highest fuel efficiency, even in the toughest conditions.

Speaking of tough conditions, driving on rural roads may require you to put the S-AWC into GRAVEL mode. The system optimizes traction on these surfaces with a better exit from stuck conditions.

However, winter driving means putting your S-AWC-equipped Mitsubishi into SNOW mode. This mode is designed to send traction to all four wheels through the ACD and the AYC. The latter ensures that power is sent to the rear axle to balance out the traction up front.

All of this means one thing: You're going to love Mitsubishi's S-AWC system on your next SUV. We have an inventory of S-AWC equipped Eclipse CrossOutlander, and Outlander PHEV waiting for you to put them to the test!

If you are ready for winter (but especially if you're not), White Bear Mitsubishi has the right vehicle for you! Come on in and test drive the S-AWC system and see how it works for yourself!