Mitsubishi Connect


Mitsubishi Connect Features & Benefits

As part of the launch of the Eclipse Cross, there will be a brand-new addition to the Mitsubishi lineup - available right on your smart phone.

Mitsubishi Connect is a smart solution to keep tabs on your Eclipse Cross. It is a simple subscription service that acts as a connection between you, your 2021 Eclipse Cross, and Mitsubishi directly.

Before we talk about the smartphone app, take a look above the rearview mirror of your Eclipse Cross. There are two buttons to remember: the SOS Emergency Assistance button and the Information/Roadside Assistance button. The SOS button is when you are in an emergency situation inside your Eclipse Cross - an accident, for example. The button is pressed when a situation arises where Mitsubishi can dispatch emergency services to the scene of your vehicle. The latter button is when you have a problem with your Eclipse Cross and need service where you are at. Mitsubishi will dispatch a service vehicle to help you when something does go wrong with your Eclipse Cross.

These two buttons replace having to dial into a toll-free number or 911 when a situation arises.

Yet, your phone will also be your connection to your new Eclipse Cross. A smartphone app allows you to check on your vehicle remotely. If you need to unlock your Eclipse Cross or to use any of the Safeguard package services when an emergency arises, the app is there to do so.

There are two packages associated with Mitsubishi Connect. The Safeguard services package includes Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Information Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Alarm Notification and Mileage Tracker.  The Remote services package includes Remote Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn, Remote Lights, Car Finder, Vehicle Settings, and Parental Controls (Geo Fence, Speed Alert and Curfew Alert).

Notice what is in the Remote services package. Parents can actually control how the Eclipse Cross is driven by capping the speed a teen driver can go, informing of when a teen driver is late coming home or to keep a distance between how far the Eclipse Cross can go. This helps to be assured that a parent can help their teen driver about driving responsibly in their early years behind the wheel.

The Mitsubishi Connect app will be available for both Apple and Android devices. Also, Mitsubishi Connect can be paired with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant on Android phones, iPhones and Google Home.

Mitsubishi Connect will be seen in future models over the next several years. However, it all starts with our newest and most exciting vehicle - the Eclipse Cross. White Bear Mitsubishi can demonstrate how this new technology works when these new SUVs arrive in our showroom.