Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Service Warranty at White Bear Mitsubishi 

Lifetime Warranty at White Bear Mitsubishi

You know you're covered with your Mitsubishi car or SUV when you buy tires, brakes, and batteries here at White Bear Mitsubishi. Since all three of these are some of the most important components for your vehicle, you can rest easy when you know they are protected for as long as you own it. The lifetime warranty is good for purchases made at our stores as long as you keep up on service. 

Lifetime Batteries

Your battery is a critical component of your vehicle. Not only does it enable the engine to start, but the battery also powers other accessories, such as the heater and air conditioner, radio, and lights. When it malfunctions, it can leave you stranded or prevent you from getting to where you need to go.

White Bear Mitsubishi offers a lifetime warranty for batteries. You will need to have the terminals cleaned regularly and get an annual battery test to keep the warranty intact. See the dealer for complete details.

Lifetime Tires

Your tires provide reliable transportation for mile after mile. They also help to ensure a smooth ride for the comfort of the driver and passengers. Tires also improve traction by gripping the pavement in all kinds of weather. Quality tires can help you stop quicker or avoid sliding on slippery surfaces and prevent accidents. You want to choose the right tire for your vehicle to give you more confidence on the highways.

With a lifetime tire warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind as you travel. You will need to have the tires rotated every six months or after 6000 miles to not void the warranty. You must also schedule an annual alignment. Tire rotation and alignment help to ensure even wear on the tires for added protection. See your dealer for complete details about lifetime tires.

Lifetime Brakes

You expect your brakes to work every time you need to stop to prevent collisions. You apply the brakes numerous times during a trip as you stay a safe distance from other vehicles or stop at traffic lights. If your brakes fail, you could end up at fault for an accident and suffer serious injury.

Lifetime brakes allow you to have more confidence in your driving, knowing they will continue to last with every mile. When brakes need to be replaced under the warranty, labor and the brake pads are covered for replacement. You'll also need to have the brakes inspected annually to not void the warranty. See the dealer for complete details.

Enjoy greater peace of mind when you travel on the highway or carpool through the city with the lifetime warranty for batteries, brakes, and tires. You can know that you are protected and safe with quality parts that help you keep moving forward.

To find out more about the lifetime warranty on batteries, tires, and brakes, visit White Bear Mitsubishi. Stop in to check out our selection of parts and let our team help you select the right option for your Mitsubishi.