Get Pre-Approved for Financing at White Bear Mitsubishi

Everyone from White Bear Lake to the twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul knows that White Bear Mitsubishi is the place to visit for great deals on new Mitsubishis and pre-owned vehicles. But what many buyers are unaware that they can complete their financing before arriving at our dealership. All you need to do is fill out a few short forms to apply online. Even buyers with bad credit or no credit have many options at White Bear Mitsubishi.

Applying Online Is Easy And Fast

Nothing is more boring than filling out a bunch of paperwork in a dealership finance office. To eliminate that drudgery, White Bear Mitsubishi has a simple online form that gathers some basic information, including:

  • Your name and personal information
  • Your contact info and address
  • Some basic income and employment information
  • The information of the vehicle you want to purchase

Once you complete these four short sections, you can review the information and securely submit it to our finance experts. They will review your information and give you a call with the preapproval amount or any additional questions that are needed to get you preapproved.

Your Current Vehicle Valuation

If you are going to trade in your current vehicle as part or all of your down payment, we offer KBB Instant Cash Offers. Again, this simple online tool provides you with a very reliable estimated value of your current vehicle. Just accurately complete information like the make, model, and VIN to get a locked-in offer on your trade-in. All you need to do is bring the vehicle and your offer to White Bear Mitsubishi, and your trade-in deal is a done deal.

Are You Interested In Your Payment Amount?

Most of us live within a budget, so of course, you want to know what your new vehicle payment will be. To get a reliable payment estimate, visit our online payment calculator. All you need to know is the price of the vehicle you want to purchase, the amount of your down payment which you got from the KBB Instant Cash Offer, and the loan rate and term. The calculator does everything to let you know what you can expect as your new monthly car payment.

Buy Or Lease?

When looking at new Mitsubishi vehicles, you might be wondering about the pros and cons of buying and leasing. At White Bear, we offer our customers both of these fantastic options. And each has its perks.

Buying offers the following advantages:

  • No mileage limitations
  • No fees for wear and tear or damage
  • You can sell or trade the vehicle in at any time
  • You can keep the vehicle as long as you like or sell it as soon as you choose

Leasing offers the following Advantages:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower initial cost up-front
  • Added warranty protection through the terms of the lease
  • Ability to lease for a short time and drive a new vehicle every few years

Visit the experts at White Bear Mitsubishi to select your ideal vehicle and get the best financing options in the region.